Refresh your strategy and get some practical branding tips to implement immediately in your business at my in-person, local three-hour workshops.

By the Inch


I need a refreshed look at brand strategy in my business.

Come & join a group of business owners who are seeking after a strategy that can be effective immediately.

You're invited to

Do you feel like you have to hire someone - a designer, a marketing expert, a social media manager, a website developer - before you can build your brand?

Friend, the foundation of your brand strategy that will make the biggest impact starts with the foundation of your business.  And this is an area where you are the expert.

You can be trained on how to build a brand strategy that you can establish and influence directly.  Hiring a professional to visualize your brand is nice, but why wait to set a foundation you can set today?

With essential training you can apply without hiring anyone

Enhance your brand Strategy

intentional strategy

Targeted workshops that teach you

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At this time, Artisan Brand Studio does not provide Branding by the Inch workshop experiences online.  Check out the next experience below for exact location details if you care to travel to Northern Maryland and join us.

All Workshops are in northern Maryland

Where are these face-to-face live workshops?

Registration is opening soon!

Consumer Expectations & Brand Presence

Strong Brands in a Modern Marketplace


Thursday, April 16th, 2020
9am - Noon

American Ice Co. Cafe
62 West Main Street, Westminster, Maryland

Small Business Branding Workshop

Let's move your brand an Inch forward

The Next Experience

I would like to get to know each attendee and the needs of their brand so I can cater the content and offer practical solutions that apply to their business and industry.  To do that well, I limit the seats in the room to create a more intimate experience.


only twenty-four attendees are allowed at each event

To offer a helpful & personal experience for all

Opportunities to ask your branding questions

Exclusive worksheet to apply your training after

Group training exercises during the event

Workshop packet with all the content to take home

Focused training on enhancing your brand strategy

Hot drinks & munchies to enjoy during the 3 hr event

A saved seat among a limited number of attendees 

Your Ticket Includes

At this investment, I hope to offer a solution to business owners who want to enhance their brand where it is today.  It is also a great fit for a business who wants to improve their strategy, but isn't ready for a higher level investment of time and money.


Sixty dollars reserves your exclusive seat

Affordable investment for your brand

Feel a little lost on what exactly is your brand
Desire to understand branding, not just have a logo or website
Want to enhance your brand efforts with your limited time
Interested in being strategic about your modern brand presence
Need a new brand strategy, but not a new brand design
Have recently "re-branded", but don't know what's next
Excited to elevate your own brand in your own unique way


By the Inch


Brand Weaver

During this group workshop, I will train you in the essentials of crafting a thoughtful brand strategy and in applying practical changes to the brand you are building right now.

Need more help?  Check out a custom branding experience.

Owner, Brand strategist & ENTREPRENEUR

I'm Megan.

Hello there

Deep Run Church // Westminster, MAryland

Brian LoPiccolo

"Megan is a joy to work with, and her work is creative, fresh, with a balanced eye on presenting elegance with simplicity."


Lavender Skies Photography // Finksburg, MAryland

Megan B.

"Really opened my eyes to the world of branding and how much I am in need of it. Now, I actually have an idea of where I'm headed and how to get there."


Westminster, Maryland


"I welcomed the creativity that MEGAN brought to the discussion and was impressed that all format decisions reflected the goal I had."


Denean's Events and Designs // Owings Mills, Maryland

Denean L.

"The [Branding by the inch] workshop offered a good introduction to the "what and why" of branding.  It will assist me with my social media platform to consistently post brand-focused content."

4 got all the way down here.

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