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Nodding along?  That's where I come in to guide you towards a brand of beauty and function for your small business.

bring intentionality back to busy?

If what you could get logos, colors, a new website and

one-to-one model

unique custom design

measured to meet your needs

tailored to your business

Come explore ARTISAN BRAND STUDIO's intentional, modern, full-scope Branding Experiences for small business owners.

Want to learn how to craft an experience that matters for your people?

and with which you shop, what comes to mind? Do you think of their logo? Do you think of the direct mail or email newsletters they send you? Do you think of the ad on the side of your screen while you’re browsing online?

Beyond those things, you probably can identify a feeling. A feeling that creates your sense of brand affinity.

While a beautiful logo or catchy design may be the thing you picture, there is so much more that goes through your mind as you develop loyalty with that company.

And it’s happening whether you realize it or not.

What really makes you buy? What really makes you keep coming back? The answer might surprise you. We are really fans of the story, the feeling and the relationship that is created while engaging with that business. It is the experience you encounter as you explore the website, buy the product and interact with the representative that means something to you as the consumer.

When you think about the companies you love

Yep - all the confidence!

Gone are the days of second guessing yourself as you print out those business cards that are just “okay.”  Stop wondering if your clients are ghosting you because your website doesn’t look as good as that other person’s.

With Artisan’s Branding Experiences, you’ll gain focus for your business through a clarified brand strategy and confidence in knowing your visual identity is moving your business towards your dream.

You’ll start feeling proud of every interaction with your clients and really notice the impact your business leaves on the people you encounter. 

STOP “faking it ‘til you make it” & START confidently chasing your dreams.

Weave something that will last

Intentional Branding

Trade Doubt for Clarity

Inquire now

this experience can re-energize your business

As small business owners, we want to feel that everything we put out into the world has a professional and yet unique feel to it. We want to have hands that facilitate sustainable operations and hearts of genuine connection, all while managing the outstanding supply order, the past due invoices, the next post for Instagram, and the rest of the endless to-do lists rattling around our brains. And we live in that balance of passion and responsibility daily.

This balance we seek is why investing in your business's brand feels overwhelming. Our attention is pulled in endless directions and we don’t have time to focus on building a brand. It’s just an "extra" for when you have the time and money. But we also know that building an intentional brand is a gotta over a wanna. Without a brand, your business is an idea stranded without a reality. A DREAM.

I live in that balance daily just as you do, but I believe in providing fellow entrepreneurs with an experience that can bring energy and movement to their dreams. The custom branding experience I created brings intentionality back to busy. It brings clarity to the lost and wishful dreamer. It helps you express the hands, heart, and brain of your business to the people who matter.

For the Entrepreneur who has a dream

A Custom Branding Experience

Deep Run Church // Westminster, MAryland

Brian LoPiccolo

"Megan is a joy to work with, and her work is creative, fresh, with a balanced eye on presenting elegance with simplicity."


Lavender Skies Photography // Finksburg, MAryland

Megan B.

"Really opened my eyes to the world of branding and how much I am in need of it. Now, I actually have an idea of where I'm headed and how to get there."


Westminster, Maryland


"I welcomed the creativity that MEGAN brought to the discussion and was impressed that all format decisions reflected the goal I had."


Denean's Events and Designs // Owings Mills, Maryland

Denean L.

"The [Branding by the inch] workshop offered a good introduction to the "what and why" of branding.  It will assist me with my social media platform to consistently post brand-focused content."


Allowing intentional branding to impact our businesses, our audiences, and ourselves

Settling on a meaningful strategy that yields both purpose and profit

Seeing intention & potential inquiries beyond the pretty logos

Building living, breathing, intentional business identities

And Start

Allowing branding to be confusing and something “extra” to figure out in the future

Settling for a patchwork plan that just lets us get through the day

Seeing designs as only the visuals and the papers you "slide across the table"

Writing off our business identities as unintentional one-and-done misfits

Let's Stop

care and attention will be given to each and every detail of your brand

like a handwoven cloth made to last

As part of Artisan Brand Studio’s Branding Experiences, I will partner with you for a season to plan, express, and connect every thread of your business's brand. Yeah, the results will be beautiful, but they will also be designed to functionally serve and elevate your business.

Forget the old ways of branding, where you just had to come up with logos, colors, and fonts.

This is modern branding, which weaves purpose and growth to construct an experience that matters to your audience and a legacy for your organization.

Where we craft a Brand of beauty & function 

Let's begin a partnership

Refresh your strategy and get some practical branding tips to implement immediately in your business at my in-person, local three-hour workshops.

Face to face Branding Workshops

By the Inch

Looking to get started on the small stuff?

Connect your business with your people with the full branding suite experience to realign, redesign, and reclaim the purpose in all you do.

Custom Branding & Website design Experience

By the Yard

Stop playing dress up with your business and get outfitted with a custom brand design that fits what you do everyday.

Brand Design Experience

By the Foot

Pick the Measure to Meet Your Needs

Branding Experiences



Brands by Artisan

see the full project

Visuals & Collateral

"Incredibly thoughtful, but still a level of fun"

what they said

Deep Run MOPS

see the full project

Strategy, visuals & Engagement


what they said

Artisan Brand Studio

see the full project

Strategy, visuals & Engagement


what they said

Iced Life Bakery

visuals & Collateral


what they said

Deep Run Church

Strategy, visuals & Collateral


what they said

Sweet Bee Lettering




Strategic Foundation     Crafted Expression    Audience Engagement

All Custom branding experiences have three phases

How exactly does your brand impact the world around you?

Your Community

Your Dream

Your Business

Your Audience

Your Brand. Your Purpose.  Your Legacy.

Your brand is the ambassador of your business to the hearts of your audience who is building connections and extraordinary stories that keep them coming back.

Your Audience

No. 1

Branding can establish the unique value your business adds to the market so you are consistently serving enthusiastic, loyal clients ready to invest in your services. That's the start of a sustainable business.

Your business

No. 2

Infusing strategic purpose with your business goals reminds you of the dream that moved you to start your business and keeps you working with those people who share and support your vision.

YouR Dream

No. 3

Communities thrive when its residents can operate healthy businesses that understand and serve their neighbor’s needs. That's the power of small and local.

Your Community

No. 4

Want to see my approach to branding in action?  Try these resources from my free branding society.

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DIY Weaving

Do It Yourself Branding

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