Artisan Brand Studio operates out of my hometown, Westminster, Maryland.  I love working with small business owners through the greater Baltimore metro area as well as out of the Northern DC metro area.

Since some of my branding experiences include 1:1 meetings, I ask that potential clients are physically able to meet with me within an hour of Carroll County, Maryland to ensure the best client experience. 

However, if you are interested in working with me through one of my one on one experiences, but can't meet with me locally, I'd be happy to discuss meeting over video chat.

Where are you located?

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Oooh!  Such an exciting question!  First, this current website is still fresh off the press!  Please look around and see what's new from the previous site.

Second, I just launched into regular monthly emails to my subscribers so join that list please if you haven't already.

Lastly, in 2020 I will be hosting my first branding workshops. Be sure to check back for the latest details!

What's coming up new with artisan?

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I work with business owners who care about how they are showing up in their market and want to be involved with fostering the right type of impression on the people that matter the most for their business.

This typically means small businesses who are looking for professional branding they can be taught how to understand & use in their business rather than those looking to hire someone to do all it for them. 

Because I work with business owners with certain mindsets, I can work with various industries and business that are 50+ in size or just side hustles.  Think this might be you?  Let's connect further.

Who do you primarily work with?

No. 3

If you are not ready to make a large investment into your business's identity, this is probably not the best time to work together.    If you are brand new in your business and still figuring out what you want to offer, it is best you solidify that before you spend money in your branding.

If you are looking for someone to just design graphics you can insert and be done with, Artisan would not be the best fit.   If you or another member of your business doesn't have time to invest in this process, it is best to wait until a season where you can give time and be able to manage your brand.

However, Artisan still offers branding resources to help you in these cases until you are ready to work together.

Who is not a good fit?

No. 4

I like to space out my custom branding clients so each one can receive the attention they need.  Therefore, I do book branding experiences in advance, but occasionally have openings for projects starting soon. 

If you know you are ready to work with me in a certain season, go ahead and inquire now so I am aware of your interest.  When the time gets closer, you will be all ready to submit a booking deposit on the dates you need.

Typically, the custom branding experiences take about 2-3 weeks to move from first inquiry to signed proposal before we can begin.

Do I need to book in advance?

No. 5

If you already like what you are hearing on this site, then let's pick up the discussion in a meeting where can talk about how we can support each other in business.  You can use the Let's Connect page to reserve a time.

If you already like Artisan's approach to branding and know you want to work together, then we can start the more detailed conversation on what each experience involves.  You can use the Inquiry Request to set that phone call up.

After your Inquiry call, I'll develop a proposal for your branding needs and we can work towards signing a contract and submitting a booking deposit.

How do I start working with you?

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I stuffed all the details of how my one to one branding experiences operate into one super document for your reference. (you're welcome!)  If you haven't given it a glance, you might find it answers some of your bigger questions.  If not, jot them down to ask me directly.

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